Get together at sarita vihar

It was a time of bonhomie & camaraderie with over one dozen volunteers from Noida & Sarita Vihar sharing their experiences & plans for taking Books for All mission of “igniting the flame and nurturing underprivileged children” forward. Mr Kasana, Director of AIPS accompanied by Mrs Kasana and Himashu Kasana met with read more →

Sports Day At NEAPS & Bhangel Centres

The Objectives of ‘ Books For All’ are not just confined to running the Library- cum- Creativity Centres at it’s Partner Schools but to provide opportunities and platform for the overall holistic development of the over 600 children it caters to. BFA believes that games, physical exercises and sports are equally important and indispensable for.. read more →

Month at a Glance: Gejha Village on 14th February 2012

Annual Sports day celebrated at our centres at Bhangel on 10th February 2012 and at Government Primary School, Gejha Village on 14th February 2012. Long awaited volunteers meet at AIPS, Madanpur Khadar, Sarita Vihar was held on 22nd February 2012.. read more →

Parents Teacher Association at Gejha Village, Noida

Greening of Gejha Village Centre: Primary School at Gejha is endowed with sprawling grounds but due to administrations apathy these are in state of dereliction, wearing a burnt out look. Books for All, has taken it upon itself to make the ground green and bring it back to past glory. It requires repair of bore.. read more →