What we do

The Core idea is to encourage the children and expose them to new ideas. Ignite the Flame of learning and yearning to acquire knowledge. BFA is the catalyst. Children are bright, they have the curiosity, interest, and the ability to dream and fulfil those dreams. But the education system in the rural-urban schools of Noida is perhaps too steeped in rigidity and age-old worn-out systems.

Books for All is striving to bridge the gap by helping children of these Hindi Medium Schools, mostly from underprivileged families, to start realizing the importance of education as a ladder for a better quality of life and a focused career.

Even if we make a few children pursue their studies beyond the primary level, we would have achieved our objective.

How do we do this?

  • Play with children
  • Make them read books
  • Hold story telling sessions
  • Teach them painting and paper craft
  • Learning by acting and group games
  • Explain basic concepts of general knowledge, covering basic science, history, geography, art and craft, and awareness of the world around us
  • Encourage self-expression; perceive what lies ahead, and the role of education in fulfilling dreams and goals
  • Inculcate deeper value systems through playing and learning
  • Focus on increasing English vocabulary.