“To ignite the Flame of Knowledge and Nurture talent of children in Schools in underprivileged localities”

  • Encourage children to read and to express themselves fearlessly.
  • Nudge them to discover the world around them through story books and find joy in reading.
  • Expose children to new ideas and concepts though volunteer engagement, workshops and programs by NGOs and Corporates. Increase their knowledge and general awareness.
  • Help children discover their talents through art, craft, music and dance and various other activities in the Library cum Creativity Centres. Give them a platform to express themselves creatively.
  • Instill confidence, discipline and good values.
  • Guide children towards a better future.
  • Sponsor education of bright children to change the course of their lives.
  • Encourage volunteerism particularly in young people.
Igniting the flame, Nurturing education for the underprivileged